Dubbed as the new generation way of recording moments, GoPro cameras have offered great innovation in shooting photos and videos. It has surpassed the limitations of capturing life in the land, water, and air!

Of course, this gadget wouldn’t be able to break barriers without the help of the accessories. They say professionals do not only hold the camera, they use accessories to achieve the breath-taking shots of life, may it be underwater, up in the sky, road car chase, and many others.

Each accessory has its own function and uniqueness that can offer to achieve a certainly desired shot. Everyone wants all these accessories, of course. But as the sayings say, we cannot have it all, so here are some recommended GoPro accessories to help you attain your GoPro dream shots!

For Water
One of the features that a GoPro camera offers is the capability to record underwater video and shoot photos that not all cameras are able to offer.

All you need is dive housing.

The GoPro housing is a must for avid divers out there. It is waterproof to 197 feet and has a flat glass lens for sharp images.

And since you will be in the water, the best partner of the housing is the floaty to ensure that your GoPro won’t sink and shall stay near the surface even if you accidentally let go of it while surfing, diving, or snorkeling. Oh, and don’t forget the pool hangouts! (Free online games for everyone!)

For Air
To achieve a stunning aerial shot, getting the DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter for GoPro will help you achieve that dream wide shot from the sky without getting on a helicopter.

Having the knowledge of basic drone flying, you just need to add four AA batteries to get the drone flying. It has accurate GPS technology with a maximum speed of 22 miles per hour and a dedicated autopilot technology.

For all activities
Head Strap GoPro Mount: This accessory designed for the head will help you get a Point of View shot perfect to show your exciting adventures. (Have a break, Play Poker!)

Helmet Front Mount: Aside from giving POV footages, this accessory can turn the camera to your face for self-portraits and reaction shots.

Wasabi Power Battery & Dual Charger: What is a camera without batteries?
These accessories will help you capture videos for a longer time. The pack is a combination of two GoPro-compatible batteries and a charger. Two compatible batteries can be charged at a time.

GoPro Smart Remote: This accessory has a maximum range of 180 meters and can control up to 50 cameras at a time. It features three buttons and a small screen – capture, settings, and mode selection.

Three-Way: It is s 3-in-1 waterproof accessory that can function as a camera grip, an extension arm, and a tripod for POV and follow-cam footages.

GoPole Scenelapse 360-Degree Time-Lapse Device: It spins up to a maximum of 360 degrees in a time-period of one hour. This will deliver you panoramic shots at its finest!